Purchasing Guide

Explosives are extremely dangerous and sensitive materials, thus for the purpose of safety and security, there needs to be specific monitoring and control. Commercial explosives are various chemical products that can be used as explosives for mining work, civil work or in certain production for commercial purposes.

PT Dahana (Persero) is appointed based on Presidential Decree 5/1988 to provide explosives and services in accordance to the regulations. PT Dahana (Persero) has more than 40 years of experience in explosives industry and has the infrastructures, facilities, and competence needed to provide services related to explosives.

Based on Presidential Decree 5/1988 as JO Presidential Decree 125/1999. The procurement and usage of explosives is detailed in the Regulation of Minister of Defense No. 36/2012 regarding Guidelines on regulation, supervision and development of commercial explosives business entities and Regulation of chief of national police Number 2 of 2008 concerning Supervision, control and safety of commercial explosives.

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