Students of UBB Meets DAHANA

Kunjungan Mahasiswa UBB

The gate of PT DAHANA (Persero) Campus was just opened, one hour before the working hour started, nevertheless on that day, Friday (21/7), DAHANA Campus' front yard was   overflowed by dozens of people getting off the bus, and later on they entered DAHANA secretariat building. 

Some of them were sitting cozily in the black sofa,while others were observing the room, waiting for DAHANA representative to welcome them. That was their first time to pay a visit at one of SOE explosive manufacturers.

That young and energetic group was a guest from Kepulauan Bangka Belitung (UBB). Wearing beige uniforms, fifty third level students were  completing their College Field Work (KKL) while visiting several companies located around West Java.

"We have been in West Java for several days. We visited some locations, and our last visit is DAHANA," said Guskarnali, Academic Advisor (21/7/2017).

Eventually, the group was welcomed by one of DAHANA's Public Relation Representative. As well as other visiting guests, the group members were briefly introduced to Energetic Material Center (EMC) zone.

They seemed to be enthusiastic in gaining more information related to DAHANA environment which currently did not reflect  horrifying and alarming atmosphere as a zone of explosive manufacturer.   It can also be noticed from EMC DAHANA 3D diorama showing Subang area with much greener environment loaded with trees.

The group was also introduced to DAHANA products whether commercial or military purpose. During the explanation of the excellence domestic explosive, they repeatedly gave applause.

"We know that Indonesia owns Sukhoi aircraft, however the planes were not purchased completely with the bomb. Therefore DAHANA produces the bomb for the planes to carry called P100 live bombs," Fajar Pratama explained during his introduction session.

Later on, the group was granted to enter the Training Center. In order to be more familiar with DAHANA, several materials including the students involvement towards the work field and research, and introduction of explosive blasting towards mining were properly conveyed.


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