Dahana Emerges in Indonesian Largest Geothermal Exhibition

IIGCE edit

For the first time DAHANA breezed in the annual IIGCE exhibition (Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition).  The exhibition held on 2nd  - 4th August took place in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan. 

This largest Indonesian Geothermal Exhibition was conducted by Indonesian Geothermal Association or frequently known as INAGA.  As a matter of fact, IIGCE has been held for five times since 2012. Astonished by its success every year, a well-experienced company in Geothermal, DAHANA  immediately affiliated in IIGCE 2017 exposing its high quality explosive products such as Dayatech Shaped Charges manufactured by  DAHANA.

Dayatech Shaped Charges are drilling explosives utilized to punch a perforation hole through the casing pipe of cemented oil well, thus the oil will flow through the perforation hole into the casing pipe and be pumped. The explosive version to be charged into Shaped Charges is either RDX or HMX.

During the IIGCE, DAHANA not only displayed explosive products but also introduced its "Integrated Explosive Services" to the visitors and Geothermal companies. One of the services presented was the Bunker Management System.

“Bunker Management System" offered by DAHANA is a service of temporary or permanent warehouse installation in Geothermal operation area. Apart from that, DAHANA also offers explosive warehouse management including bunker supervisor, warehouse surveillance, inventory control and explosive translocation to the well location, said Aditya Prima Dewayana, Senior Manager Oil and Gas Division at PT DAHANA (Persero)

Aside from that, DAHANA holds other supportive facility for the upstream oil and gas contractor namely Pusat Logistik Berikat (PLB). This facility accommodates DAHANA's customers to store their explosives in regard with the taxation assistance.

Located in Subang, DAHANA's PLB is able to accommodate the explosives translocation to all areas in Indonesia so that the consumers enjoy the logistic efficiency. Furthermore, to assure the business runs easily, PLB also facilitates the customers to store their explosives longer than the one that regular bonded warehouses commonly accommodate. 

Additionally by utilizing the PLB, customers are facilitated with tax deduction due to the tax completion. The regular bonded warehouse applies a one year tax completion program, while PLB promotes a three year tax deferral.

At this three day exhibition, customers visiting DAHANA's booth were cordially welcomed by skilled Oil and Gas advisers who are competent in giving  geothermal services. IIGCE was held on Wednesday, 2nd August to Friday 4th August. The booth is located at Cendrawasih HALL blok C 09c.

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