DAHANA Builds Washbasin for School


SOE explosive manufacturer PT DAHANA (Persero) concerns not only to those who reside near the company but also to the people who live quite far from it.

Desa Cigugur Kidul, Pusaka Jaya, an area on the main route of Pantura, Subang was the exact location where DAHANA paid a visit. It took nearly two hours to reach this village.  PT DAHANA lengthened its concern towards people's health including children's.

Children at primary education are kids who spends most of their time in playing, however they tend to neglect the hygiene and hands sanitation. Consequently, their less clean actions lead them to worm infections.

Together with the lecturers from Medical School (STIKes) Mitra Ria Husada conducting Social Responsibility in Desa Cigugur Kidul, a Health Counseling focusing on Hands sanitation was held at the Elementary School there.

The lecturers demonstrated how to maintain the hygiene especially hands sanitation. Children were taught to wast their hands properly. After the counseling, to ensure the adaptation of the children in washing their hands suitably, through the program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), PT DAHANA built washbasin units at SDN Cigugur.

"We are at most concerned with the people's health, the children, so that the can stay fit and can study well. Therefore we built washbasin units to encourage them to regularly wash their hands," said Moh Dery Rulyadi, General Manager JODD DAHANA at the washbasin unit installation opening at SDN Cigugur. (22/7/2017).

At that moment, the SDN Cigugur Principal highly appreciated the aid given by PT DAHANA (Persero)and felt happy that their school was finally equipped with washbasin units. "I am grateful with the washbasin installation, hopefully the children will be healthier by washing their hands regularly," said Sutardi.

Sutardi also hoped that the CSR program addressed to the school would be continued and remained sustainable to develop the neighborhood especially the school area. "I really want this cooperation remains on going in the future so that children's need will continuously be facilitated," Sutardi expected.

Together with STIKES MRH, DAHANA carried out its CSR program towards public health in Desa Cigugur. The health counseling also targeted women's health including  cervical cancer  counseling, free of charge Iva Test on 22nd July 2017 in the public office of Desa Cigugur Kidul, Pusaka Jaya, Kabupaten Subang. (SYA)

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