DAHANA’s Central Management Office (KAMPUS), An Environmentally Friendly Green Building

The green building concept is one form of the world community response to climate change. This is related to the improvement of habit and technology towards building which contributes to the decrease of global warming.  

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Being a Host in Our Own Country

PT Dahana (Persero) is a State-owned Enterprise originating from a government-owned project (Indonesian Airforce) at Tasikmalaya airbase in 1966.  


F. Harry Sampurno Becomes the New Captain of PT DAHANA

Taking place at the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises Building, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan, on Tuesday, September 18, 2012, was the shift to a new line of Directors of PT. DAHANA (Persero).   F. Hari Sampurno, formerly serving as President Director of PT. Industri Kapal Indonesia Makassar, replaced the former President Director, Tanto Dirgantoro.  

Dahana Waves Its Flag in the Construction Sector

Quarry & Construction Division, one of the divisions beside General Mining Division and Oil & Gas Divisions, is actively expanding its business on the construction beside their regular mining works.  


"Running Test" Dahana Explosives Factory in Bontang.

Type of emulsion explosives increasingly in demand in the Indonesian mining market. This was proven by high market demand for these types of explosives, especially in Kalimantan.  


Dahana Earned Second Place in the Cinta Karya Bangsa Award

PT Dahana (Persero) was awarded the second place in the Cinta Karya Bangsa Award 2010 for the SOE category.  


RI Defence Minister Visited an Explosive Material Factory

Indonesian Defense Minister, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, accompanied by General Secretary of Security and Defense, Directorate General for Defense Facilities of Defense Ministry, Directorate General of Defense Potential, Division Head of Research and Development, Minister Advisor Staff and Director of Engineering and Industry had a visit to PT Dahana (Persero) in Tasikmalaya and Subang, on December 3 and December 4, 2010.  

PT Dahana (Persero) won an award as the best State-Owned Corporation 2010

PT.DAHANA (Persero) received awards from two different institutions on the same day, Tuesday, December 14, 2010. The award comes from Investor Magazine and Bank Info.  

endurance web

Dahana Keeps Export the Products

*In 2010, DAHANA. LTD continued the trend to export it’s products abroad. And in 2010 Dahana succeeded to export Dayagel Magnum to Thailand and Philipphines. *  


Procurement With Confllict of Interest

The procurement of the primary weaponry defense system (Alutsista) is considered did not exist. There is only an accommodation of short term interests at the leadership level with a covered agency interests.  


Dahana-BPPT Cooperation in Zone Nursery Development

Bandung, February 23, 2011 - PT Dahana (Persero) and The Agency For the Assessment and Application Technology (BPPT) signed a cooperative nursery zone project owned by PT Dahana (Persero) in Subang, West Java.  


Measure Blast Impact

PT Dahana (Persero) conducted a training measure the impact of the explosion for two days in mid-January 2011.  


Telkom Cooperation Build Communication Network of Energetic Materials Center

*PT Dahana (Persero)* and PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk. signed an extension cooperative service of TELKOMSolution to support the performance of explosives SOE headquartered in Tasikmalaya. This is in line with regional development of Energetic Materials Center (EMC) Dahana property located in Subang regency, West Java, as a place of production, research, and development of an integrated explosives.  


Batulicin Project Site Gives the Best

One of the sites of *PT Dahana (Persero)* in Kalimantan is Batulicin project site in South Kalimantan. This site is a coal mine owned by PT Arutmin Indonesia with the sole contractor PT Cipta Kridatama,  in the central part area in which the concession consists of ATA, Mangka-lapi, Saring, Mereh (including Sungkai), Sarongga and Setangga.  


Minister of Defense Restricts Permit of Explosive Enterprise

In order to maintain and control the distribution of explosives which are produced and procured (imported) by several explosive companies, Ministry of Defense performed restriction, namely through evaluation related with the permit of Explosive Enterprise.  

Director General of Defense Potential Inaugurated OSP Dahana in Karimun

There is a happy news for  the granite quarry mining in Karimun area and its surrounding. Dahana inaugurated On Site Plant (OSP) for the type of emulsion explosive labelled Dahana Bulk Emulsion (DABEX).  


PT Dahana and PT Telkom Continue the Cooperation of IT Solution Energetic Material Center (EMC)

PT DAHANA (Persero) and PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk. signed the expanded cooperation of TELKOM services for total IT solution to support the performance of the explosives state-owned enterprise which having its head office in Tasikmalaya.  


PT Dahana Achieved First Rank on Anugerah Cinta Karya Bangsa

(Jakarta) January 5, 2012: *PT Dahana* once again, was having re-award winning on *Anugerah Cinta Karya Bangsa*, that held by the government of Indonesia which given directly by the* President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono* at the State Palace on Thursday, January 5, 2012.  


Minister of Research and Technology visited Energetic Materials Center

Subang, January 20, 2012 - Minister of Research and Technology, Gusti Muhammad Hatta visited Energetic Materials Center (EMC) DAHANA PT (Persero) in Subang, West Java.  


DAHANA Won The First "Green Building" Certificate In Indonesia

Kantor Manajemen Pusat PT Dahana (Persero) or better known as KAMPUS DAHANA, which located in District Cibogo, Subang Regency, West Java, won the certificate "green building".  


Transferal of the Director of Finance and Board of Commissioners of PT DAHANA (Persero)

Taken place at The Ministry of State Owned Enterprise, Medan Merdeka Selatan Street, on Wednesday, February 9, 2012 there had been a new appointment of the Director of Finance and member of the Board of Commissioners of PT DAHANA (Persero). Susilo Hertanto who previously served as General Manager of Operational Division of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), is replacing the previous Finance Director F. Harry Sampurno, who has transferred as Director of PT IKI (Ltd).  


Replacement of Dahana Commissioners

Bandung – Taking place on Friday, February 24, 2012 at Hotel Padma, PT Dahana welcomed the new member of the Board of Commissioners and the new Director of Finance and Business Development.  

Rekrut karyawan2

Strengthening Its Services, Dahana Recruits New Employees

PT DAHANA is back to recruiting new employees to strengthen the composition of its human resources in serving the customer needs. The recruitment resulted a total of 21 new employee candidates screened from several national universities.  


Dahana Held Second Isbat Confirmation Hearing “Married Logged in Government - Happier Life, Better Future”

The atmosphere is so bright that morning. 74 faces radiated happiness of the married couples, whose are arguably no longer young. They are couples who are waiting for isbat confirmation hearing that held by *PT Dahana (Persero)*.  


Forming Synergy among State-Owned Companies, Pupuk Kaltim in Cooperation with Dahana and Petrokimia Gresik to Construct Factory

PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (PKT) is in cooperation with two State-Owned Companies, i.e. *PT Dahana* and PT Petrokimia Gresik in a synergy to construct factory producing materials for NPK compound fertilizer in Bontang, East Kalimantan, in order to reduce dependency on imported products.  


Bio Farma glances PT Dahana's Land

PT Bio Farma (Limited), a national pharmaceutical company focused on developing a vaccine is trying to do exploratory use of land in the *PT Dahana*’s Energetic Materials Center (EMC) located in Subang, West Java. This was revealed during a visit of Bio Farma Team to the Dahana's EMC on Thursday, June 7, 2012 which was directly received by the Director of HR & Admininstrasi *Epi Eriyana P*, Corporate Secretary and Senior Advisor *Asep Maskandar* & Technology Development System Staff *DR. Waspodo Kurniadi*.  


SOEs Minister Visits the SOE of Explosives

SOEs Minister of Republic of Indonesia *Dahlan Iskan* visits *PT DAHANA*’s explosives factory in Tasikmalaya, West Java. The event was held on Friday, June 8, 2012 is a series of visits of SOEs Minister in the East Priangan in order to Environment Day, community empowerment and food security. SOEs Minister and his entourage received by the President Director of *PT DAHANA* (Limited) *Tanto Dirgantoro* directly accompanied by Operations Director of *PT DAHANA* *Budi Antono* and its officials.  


Dahana Receive The Best Booth Award

The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) convention and exhibition is being held once again. The event was opened by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, *Jero Wacik*, and will be held from 23 to 25 May in Jakarta Convention Center. The opening ceremony was attended by the Head of BPMIGAS,* R. Priyono*, Director General Migas, *Evita Herawati Legowo*, and IPA President, *Elizabeth Proust*.  

EMC highlight

EMC Construction is Completed

A tumpeng (cone rice) is placed in the middle of room. Chairs and tables are arranged in an opposite position in Pusdiklat room with a green building concept. Cool setting is fascinating despite of minimum air conditioning. Lights freely infiltrate from transparent glass in many corners of room. This building is designed without the use of lights during the day. It seems that only some seats are filled.  

kunjungan dirut

INDONESIAN MINISTER OF DEFENSE Visited the Emulsion Grade Ammonium Nitrate Plant, Dahana

Indonesian Minister of Defence, *Purnomo Yusgiantoro* and his entourage from the Indonesian Ministry of Defence visited the Emulsion Grade Ammonium Nitrate (EGAN) Plant owned by JO *PT DAHANA* -* PT BBRI *in Bontang, East Kalimantan. The event was held on Friday, June 15, 2012, evening.  


SME Minister Visited Energetic Material Center Dahana

As the follow up of the official visit to PT DAHANA Tasikmalaya last June, the SME Minister of the Republic of Indonesia Dahlan Iskan personally visited the Energetic Material Center (EMC) of PT DAHANA which is located in Subang, West Java. The event that took place on Sunday, 15 July 2012 is a part of the series of official visit of the SME Miniter in Subang Regency.  

Dahlan tanam pohon

The Minister of SOE Planting Trees in the Dahana CAMPUS

By only equiped with a small shovel, with his bare hands and without any gloves, the Minister of SOE of Indonesia, *Dahlan Iskan*, deftly put a seedling tree in the prepared hole, burried it with soil and watered the soil by himself. The accompanying officials, along with the attending directors of *PT Dahana* just stood in their ground watching the action of the minister who is famous with his actions.  


DABEX Product Has Obtained Permit in Western Australia

Ministry of Mining and Oil Industry of Western Australia have endorsed Dabex Product to be used, transacted, transported and stored in Western Australia, in accordance with its letter dated 18 July 2012. This information was obtained when the Director of Operation and SM Ops. Khusus DTU-1 paid a visit to Fortified Mining Solution – Darwin Australia on last 26 – 28 July.  


Dahana Receive Performance Certificate

As a BUMN (State Enterprise) engaging in the business of explosive procurement and service, PT Dahana (persero) has always shown a serious commitment in the aspect of field occupational safety. Much experience that is supported by skillful human resources has mad Dahana to be consistent in the aspect of occupational safety.  


EXPLOSIVES: Dahana Wants to Increase Production: Reducing Agencies

MAKASSAR: BUMN in the field of explosives, PT Dahana, target to increase the share of income of production, so most of the allocation no longer comes from the service merchants of production goods of other companies.  


BNI Visit To Dahana Energetic Materials Center

Friday (12/10) PT Dahana (Limited) received visits from special guests, this State Owned Enterprise in explosive sector is visited by the staffs of Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI). The Visit of 6 BNI staff was a regular working visits once within three months.  


Dahana Launches 12th Mobile Mixing Unit

PT Dahana (Persero) has officially operated its latest Mobile Mixing Unit (MMU) on Wednesday, 5th December 2012 in Subang, West Java. The Dabex mixing truck designed completely by Dahana’s engineers is capable of carrying 17 tons of emulsion explosives in one trip.  


Dahana Finished Construction of First Booster Plant in Indonesia

A 6 meter height berm with a 4 meter width surrounded the mostly-white painted building standing right in the middle.  


Dahana’s Office Architecture Design Won Award

Great news came from PT Penta Rekayasa, a preconstruction design company which designed the initial building construction of PT Dahana’s Central Management Office (also known as KAMPUS) in Subang.  


Dahana Wins Greenest SOE Building

Barely one year operating, PT Dahana’s Central Management Office (usually called KAMPUS) located in the Energetic Material Center (EMC) area in Subang kept winning various awards.  

EMC highlight

PT DAHANA, Industrial National Vital Object

PT Dahana (Persero) officially becomes one of the National Vital Objects in the industrial sector.  

semen padang

Dahana Constructs First OSP at Cement Quarry Site

In order to provide services using DABEX emulsion product at the limestone quarry owned by PT Semen Padang, *PT Dahana (Persero)* planned to construct an On Site Plant (OSP) at the site area.  


Dahana Ready to Produce Dayagel Sivor and Propellant

The completion of the Energetic Material Center (EMC) facilities and Booster Plant led to more flexibility in expanding the business to the military explosives industry.  


Dahana Socialized Blasting Impacts to People of Salira

An inauguration and ground breaking event of the construction of Banten’s 1 x 660 MW steam power plant (PLTU) was held on 19th February 2013 and also served as a means of socialization.  


Construction of 1x660 MW Banten Power Plant as Java-Bali Supply System Officially Commenced

In its attempt to keep increasing power supply capacity, especially that of the Java-Bali power system, on Tuesday (19/02) PT Lestari Banten Energi (PT LBE) conducted the inauguration and ground breaking of the 1 x 660 MW (IPP) Banten Steam Power Plant construction.  


Paving the Way for Foreign Military Explosives Market at the 2013 APSDEX

The defense explosives industry keeps on growing. Aside from being absorbed in the domestic market, the country’s self-produced explosives have also been exported abroad.  


Indonesia to Produce its Own Sukhoi Bomb Fuse Soon

MALANG, - Indonesia is targeted to be able to produce its own P-100 Live bomb fuse for Sukhoi aircrafts as soon as possible. A fuse is a device in a bomb that makes it explode on impact and will direct the bomb to its target.   


Dahana Develops Biodegradable Explosives and Propellant

‘To be an environmentally sound explosives company’. The slogan is one of PT Dahana (Persero)’s aspirations of not only focusing on customer’s satisfaction, but also on keeping the company stay concerned about the environment in each of its business activity.  


Budiman Appointed as PT Dahana’s Chairman

The Ministry of State Owned Enterprise (SOE) performed another reshuffle in PT Dahana (Persero). The General Secretary of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense, Budiman was appointed as Chairman of PT Dahana (Persero).  

2013 05 01

Dahana Gives Computer Set to the Village of Sadawarna

PT DAHANA (Persero) is growing more concerned to the people living in the company’s surrounding area, especially those living in Sadawarna village.  


Dahana to Produce Sukhoi Fuse Bomb Soon

The technology of military defense industry is no longer dominated by and depending on foreign countries, especially the US and Europe.  


Dahana Visits Medco, Increasing Partnership

In order to increase the partnership between both companies, which had been developed for quite a long time, Budi Antono, PT Dahana (Persero)’s Director of Operations visited Medco Groups’s President Director, Frila Berlini at her office at the Energy Building on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta.  


DAHANA to Have ‘Own’ Tollgate Soon

Dividing vast rubber plantation and rice fields, a long dirt road with a width of 200 meters extends from the west to the east. Gazing towards either way, the road seems as if it had no end. Clay is still currently covering the road, although the land has already been compacted with heavy equipments, thus flattening its previously contoured ground. Another terrain, approximately twice the size of a football field is already prepared at the south side of the newly developed road.  


Dahana Shows off Dayaprime on National Technology Revival Day Launching

Carrying the title as one of the national strategic industries, PT DAHANA (Persero) was present at the launching of the National Technology Revival Day (Hakteknas) on Monday (24/06).  

news 082013

Continuous On Site Plant (OSP) Answers Challenges

The demand of emulsion explosives is currently increasing in the mining sector in Indonesia.   


Concerned with Energy Conservation, Dahana Campus Achieved 2nd Runner-up ASEAN

*“This award is a pillar to make all Dahana people realize to continuously concern on energy efficiency,” Susilo Hertanto.** *  


Dahana Invented (More) New Explosive

*“Innovation is a long-term investment for the company, our early step is to instill innovation as a corporate culture”* *F. Harry Sampurno*  

Kunjungan Komisaris2

The Board of Commissioners Visited Salira Site

Friday (04/10/2013) was a special day for Salira Site of Quarry and Construction Division of PT DAHANA (Persero). The site located in Serang Regency, Banten Province, was visited by the Company’s Board of Commissioners (BoC). It was a routine visit by BoC to several sites belonged to the state owned explosive company every year.  

Kunjungan Adaro

DAHANA Expansion to Australia

DAHANA expansion to Australia opens an opportunity for the company to introduce its explosive products and services in Australian mining industry.  


The National Police of Timor Leste Visited DAHANA

Dahana Campus had a visitor from the neighboring country located to the east of Indonesia, Timor Leste.  

Dayagel Sivor

DAHANA Exports Dayagel Sivor to Timor Leste

*PT Dahana (Persero)* had just increased its explosives export market. This time, the market came from the *National Police of Timor Leste* or *Polícia Nacional de Timor-Leste (PNTL).*  


Taming the Toughness of Limestone, Semen Merah Putih’s Raw Material

The work performance of PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Quarry and Construction Division keeps getting tested. The division also increasingly keeps establishing its role in becoming a major player in the quarry and construction sectors.  


DAHANA Inaugurates (Another) OSP in Kalimantan

The running of the latest OSP significantly increases the gold ore production at four new locations recently opened by *PT Kasongan Bumi Kencana in Central Kalimantan.*  


Middle East Business Delegation to Visit Dahana’s Head Office

Dahana’s Head Management Office (or usually called “Kampus”) will be one of the locations planned to be visited by the Middle East’s delegation in October 2014.  


PT DAHANA Launches NAC/SAC Plant in Subang, Expanding Explosives Facilities

Purnomo Yusgiantoro, the Minister of Defense, and Armida S. Alisjahbana, the Minister of National Development Planning (Bappenas) visited PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Energetic Material Center in Subang, West Java on Saturday, May 10, 2014.  


IPA 2014, Oil & Gas Division Optimistic about Reaching Target

Once again, The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) held the biggest oil and gas exhibition in Southeast Asia.  


Ethics Compliance Certificate, an Added Value for DAHANA

During the Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) Convention and Exhibition 2014 (21/05) which was held at the Jakarta Convention Center, *Vice President Boediono* said that the government would be protecting the country’s mining resources. One way of doing it was by establishing Ethics Compliance certification.  


Dayaprime Boosters First Export

Still in the event of NAC/SAC plant launching (10/5), PT DAHANA (Persero)’s CEO, F. Harry Sampurno, revealed, “Once all three Booster production phases are completed, Dahana will be able to fully support the national defense industry’s autonomy.  


Indonesian Minister of Defense Initiates ANSOL Plant

The Indonesian Defense Minister inaugurated the Ammonium Nitrate Solution (ANSOL) owned by DAHANA and Black Bear Resources Indonesia (BBRI) Joint Operation (10/5).  


Bappenas Fun Bike

Before the NAC/SAC inauguration started, a Fun Bike event took place earlier in the morning (10/5).  

Angga Pangasji Purbo in the Top Three on WOW Sales of the Year

*Angga Pangasji Purbo*, Supervisor of PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Oil & Gas Division succeeded in being one of the top three finalists of WOW Sales People on Thursday, May 9, 2014 for his roles in the marketing world.  


Angga Pangasji Purbo: Continuing Aspiration

*Angga Pangasji Purbo*, PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Oil & Gas supervisor became one of the top three finalists in the WOW Sales People held by Markplus Inc and Marketeers magazine on May 9, 2014.  


DAHANA Strengthens Partnership, Visits UPN Veteran Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, the City of Gudeg (green jackfruit stew) exploded. The impact was felt in the entire UPN Veteran campus building in Yogyakarta.  


Electronic Detonator Training Enhances DAHANA’s Ability

PT DAHANA (Persero) held another training activity for its employees. The training was organized with the aid of Austin Powder, an American company engaging in the explosives industry which produces electronic detonator among their products.  


Dahana Donates to Orphans in the Blessing of Ramadan

Unlike its usual days, that evening the Al-Akhdhar mosque which was located at the Energetic Material Center (EMC) was packed with people.  


DAHANA Scoops Two Awards at BUMN Marketing Day 2014

DAHANA received two awards, the first being “Gold Winner” award in Strategic Marketing and the second was “Silver Winner” award in Tactical Marketing.  


DAHANA Supports Development of Indonesia’s Defense System

PT DAHANA (Persero)’s CEO, *F. Harry Sampurno* gave a briefing to cadets or perwira siswa of the 52nd regular education of the Army Staff and Command College (Seskoad) in Bandung on August 18, 2014.  


Development of Indonesia’s Propellant Industry Has Begun

The development of Indonesia’s Propellant Industry had finally started. The laying of the first stone by the Indonesian Defense Minister, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, marked the groundbreaking of the event.  


Nursery Unit to Create Forest in DAHANA

Creating a more beautiful and greener environment in Dahana as an application of the *Go Green *program is the duty of Dahana’s Nursery Unit.  

01Susilo Hertanto

DAHANA Supports Efficiency and Operational Cost-Saving Movement

PT DAHANA (Persero)’s management issued a circular letter concerning efficiency and operational cost saving. The policy was in line with the circular letter issued by the SOE Minister No. SE-08/MBU/2014 regarding SOE efficiency and operational cost saving.  


DAHANA Receives Recognition from Premier Oil for Zero Incidents

Owing it to the long duration of working hours without experiencing any incidents, DAHANA received an acknowledgement from Premier Oil, one of DAHANA’s customers from the Oil & Gas sector.  

02Kunjungan BUMN

SOE Minister Makes Dahana Green

Aside from inspecting factories and other supporting facilities, the SOE Minister, Rini M. Sumarno’s visit on December 10 was also marked by tree-planting action.  

03Kunjungan BUMN cek pabrik propelan

Dahana Expected to be Major Player in ASEAN Market

During her visit to PT Dahana (10/12), Rini set a target for DAHANA that must be put into consideration in the future. The target, among others was the commercialization of Dahana’s products by targeting large mining companies and being a major player in ASEAN.  

04Kunjungan BUMN jalan

Minister Rini Tries Dahana’s Detonator during Hands-On Operation

The SOE Minister, Rini M. Soemarno, conducted a hands-on operation, or usually called blusukan,to PT DAHANA’s head office on Wednesday (10/12).  


DAHANA Receives Four “Anugerah Business Review 2014” Awards

PT DAHANA (Persero), an SOE engaging in the explosives sector successfully received four awards in the Anugerah Business Review (ABR) 2014 event.  


DAHANA Develops Community Economic Chain by Planting Albizia Falcataria

How does one utilize the productive land owned by PT DAHANA (Persero) which is located in the village of Sadawarna, Cibogo, Subang, West Java?  


DAHANA’s Security Guards Won the Third Prize of Dexterity Competition

The Security Guard force of PT DAHANA (Persero) took part in dexterity competition for security guards. The competition which was to celebrate the Security Guards’ 34th Anniversary was held by Subang Resort Police.  


DAHANA Cooperation Agreement Has Officially Been Signed

Dahana Labor Union (Sejadah) and the management of PT DAHANA (Persero) signed the Cooperation Agreement (PKB). The PKB was signed directly by the Head of Sejadah, Eman Suherman and the CEO of PT DAHANA (Persero) F. Harry Sampurno in Smart Room, Kampus DAHANA, Subang.  


DAHANA’s Transformation Process was Awarded Excellence Achievement

PT DAHANA (Persero) accomplished an award from SWA magazine for being one of the best companies in performing company transformation.  


DAHANA Attained Four Awards of ‘Anugrah Business Review 2014’

Good news blew in Subang City like a fresh breeze. Ending the year 2014, DAHANA, the state-owned company (BUMN) running in high energy materials business, was awarded four awards all at once.  


DAHANA Achieved Level 5 of Green Industry

Again, DAHANA accomplished satisfactory achievement in the field of environment. This sweet thing at the end of 2014 was the achievement of level 5 of Green Industry 2014.  


Guarding History Line, DAHANA’s Director met the new Air Force Staff Chief

The President Director of PT DAHANA (Persero), F. Harry Sampurno together with the Director of Technology and Development, Heri Heriswan, visited the headquarter of Indonesia Air Force (TNI AU) on 16 February 2015 in Cilangkap, Jl. Raya Hankam East Jakarta.  


The New Spirit to Grow Company Culture

Commencing the year 2015, PT DAHANA (Persero) is recharging the company working spirit. This new working spirit was enveloped in an annual forum that discussed the company’s achievement in the year ahead.  


Working without Accident, DAHANA Received an Appreciation from PremierOil

Going through working hours within a long period of time without accident, DAHANA was awarded an appreciation by PremierOil, one of DAHANA’s consumers in Oil & Gas sector.  


Involving Local People, PT DAHANA Planted Thousands of Sengon Trees

The tree planting program of thousands of Albasia Falcataria trees on PT DAHANA (Persero) land reached up to 100 hectares in April 2015. The Nursery Unit, organizing this program, completed the planting of 150,000 trees.  


Impromptu visit, the Commissioner Observed Energetic Material Center

It was a clear morning. The sun was shining brightly spreading its warmth to what was beneath. Its light shone on the shield of DAHANA Kampus auditorium adding to the glow of the tallest building among five office blocks around it forming the shape of a pentagon.  


DAHANA Will Become the Program Prototype of UNDP’s MTRE3

As an explosive company that has a Green Building concept, PT DAHANA (Persero) has been trusted by the Directorate General of Renewable New Energy and Energy Conservation (DJE BTKE) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia (KESDM-RI) to become one of the construction models which are recommended to apply the program Market Transformation of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (MTRE3).  


Head of ESDM Office of West Sumatra: “Dahana Needs to Socialize to ESDM Offices in the Regions”

The Central Management Office (Kampus) of PT DAHANA (Persero) again had a visit from the officers of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Office of West Sumatra province. Dahana Kampus was previously visited by this ESDM Office of West Sumatra province to observe the operational permit of Dahana in PT Semen Padang.  


Head of ESDM Office of West Sumatra: “Dahana is State-Owned, I Support its Penetrating Mines in West Sumatra”

In the beginning of June, on Thursday, June 4, 2015, the Central Management Office (KAMPUS) of PT DAHANA (Persero) received a visit from officers of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) office of West Sumatra province. The guest was the head of ESDM office, Marzuki Mahdi with his team and accompanied by the representative of PT Semen Padang.  


DAHANA PSDMO: Even Foreign Workers Must Meet Indonesia’s Standard

The Education and Training Center (Pusdiklat) of Mineral and Coal (Minerba), at the end of May 2015, again took a group of trainees of blasting administrators level 1 to Energetic Material Center (EMC) of PT DAHANA (Persero) located in Subang Regency, West Java.  


When KJL 1 Participants Became Instructors

There was a unique scene in the NON ELECTRIC Factory of PT DAHANA (Persero) when the participants of blasting administrators level 1 from the Education and Training Center of Mineral and Coal (Pusdiklat Minerba) visited Energetic Material Center on May 29, 2015.  


Dahana Held Training for Cibaliung Gold Mine Workers

The General Mining Division 1 (DTU-1), one of the marketing and operational divisions in PT DAHANA (Persero) focusing on general mining sector, invited the gold mining workers of PT Cibaliung Sumber Daya (CSD) to Energetic Material Center (EMC) to take part in the event in house Training of Dabex For Underground.  


PT Cibaliung Sumber Daya, Using DAHANA’s Explosive since established

As an explosive company of red and white (Indonesia national flag), PT DAHANA (Persero) keeps making effort to improve its service to its consumers. This company, the owner of Energetic Material Center (EMC) area, always tries to meet its consumers’ needs.  


Dahana Prepares National Technology Awakening Day

In August, Indonesian people will commemorate the 70th anniversary of independence proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia. In the same month, the people of Indonesia will also commemorate a historic day of the nation’s development where in 1995 Indonesian people managed to build and fly their own plane named N150 ‘Gatot Kaca’.  

An Eccentric Tree at Directors’ Building

‘Green’ - that is the spirit drawn from an explosive company of red and white (the flag of Indonesia); PT DAHANA (Persero). This is not just rhetoric; Green also becomes a concept of its office buildings.  


The Neighboring Country Guests Fascinated by DAHANA

The Central Management Office (Kampus) of PT DAHANA (Persero) located in Sadawarna Village, Subang Regency, has always had visitors who would like to deeply learn about high energy materials or about green building. The visitors range from consumer guests, partners, research entities, students to lecturers, both from home and overseas.  


There’s the Vision in Dahana’s Gathering

Having been a week at work after the holiday and joint holiday of Idul Fitri 1436 H, PT DAHANA (Persero) held a halal bihalal gathering (a gathering after Idul Fitri) on Tuesday, 28 July 2015.  


The Captain Anchored at the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises

The sun was not too high, with its warm light touching the skin.  


Starting Business with Dahana’s Fund

God tests human beings in many ways. It could be with pleasure or sorrow.  

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DAHANA Transformation Strategy

It was interesting to return to the year 1994 when PT DAHANA (Persero) no longer had the monopoly right of explosive (handak) sales in Indonesia.  

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Understanding and Giving Solution to Consumers

The stretch of DAHANA’s business penetration to mineral sector is inseparable from General Mining Division’s role in PT DAHANA (Persero). One of the sites with dynamic performance is KBK Mirah Site located in Central Kalimantan led by General Mining Division 1 (DTU-1).  

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Drought, Dahana in Fire Alert

To anticipate land fire, DAHANA has mobilized a security team to guard and be alert to land fire. Diman Chardiman, the Security Manager of DAHANA, said that he had instructed the entire personnel to work extra harder. Besides guarding the security, they were also assigned to monitor land fire potential.  


DAHANA Successfully Applied Total Service Solution at KBK Mirah Site

At KBK Mirah gold mine, DAHANA could prove itself as a company providing world class total solution blasting service. Besides innovation, production facility management covering OSP, Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT) unit, Drilling, as well as HR becomes DAHANA’s key as the only home company that can participate much in explosive industry competition filled with high technology.  


Holcim Indonesia Visited DAHANA’s Explosive Plant

DAHANA Kampus had special guests from Holcim Indonesia (3/9/15). There were 16 mining men from this Narogong cement plant. Their visit was accompanied by the Senior Manager of Operation for Quarry Sector himself, Setio Budhianto.  


Giving a Present for the 20th Hakteknas anniversary, The Ministry of Defense Initiated the Construction of Rocket Booster Raw Material Plant

Exactly on the 20th anniversary of Hakteknas (National Technology Awakening Day), the Ministry of Defense initiated the construction of Rocket Booster Raw Material Plant. The Initial Construction of Research and Development Facilities of Nitroglycerine Facility and Prototype event, held on 10th August 2015, was conducted in Energetic Material Center (EMC) of PT DAHANA (Persero) in Subang.  


Established, Rocket Booster Raw Material Plant

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia started the construction of propellant industry facility physical series. The event, packed in Initial Construction of Research and Development Facilities of Nitroglycerine Facility and Prototype, was held in the area of Energetic Material Center (EMC) of PT DAHANA (Persero) in Subang on Monday, 10th August, 2015.  


DAHANA – ADARO Competed in the Field

DAHANA Kampus had special guests from Kalimantan on Friday, 14th August 2015. They were the badminton team of PT Adaro Indonesia who paid a visit to DAHANA in Subang. The badminton team of Adaro originated from Adaro employees who worked in Tanjung site, South Kalimantan.  


DAHANA’s Used Oil was Selected in 20 Science and Technology Prominent Innovations

Evening dimness started to envelope the capital city. However, the hustle and bustle was very obvious in the auditorium of the third floor of BPPT Building II in Thamrin area, Central Jakarta. A large stage had been prepared with its accessories to hold an event.  


A Present from DAHANA for SMKN Cibogo

In 2006 this school was founded, starting as a distant school SMKN 2 Subang. At the end of 2014, its status and name changed to SMK Negeri Cibogo. This school is located to the east of Central Management Office (Kampus) of PT DAHANA (Persero), near the official housing of DAHANA’s employees.  


Expanding Dahana's Market In The Field Of Construction

The infrastructure exhibition in Indonesia "Indonesian Infrastructure Week 2015" was held at the Jakarta Convention Center on November 4 to 6.  


Mustar Bona Ventura Served As Commisioner Of PT Dahana (Persero)

The Ministry of State Owned Enterprises was officially inaugurated Mustar Bona Ventura as a Commissioner of PT DAHANA (Persero).  


Look For The Information Of Development Of Defence Industry, Watimpres (Presidential Advisory Council) Visited Dahana

As the mandate of President Joko Widodo at the ceremony of 70th Indonesian Independence Day in Cilegon – Banten, The President affirms his commitment to establish the independence of defense to avoid dependence on imports in security commodities and defense.  


Plant The Life Inscription To Built Environmental Concern

GREEN DAHANA is triggered and initiated by Heri Heriswan The Director of Technology and Development of PT DAHANA (Persero).  


Expert In Explosives Disposal, Oil & Gas Division Destroys The Expired Explosives

Disposal of explosives is one of the services in business lines of Related Services owned by PT DAHANA (Persero).  


Republic Indonesia's Defense Ministry Promotes Defense Industries In The Defense & Security Exhibition In Bangkok 2015

The Ministry of Defense sent a delegation in Defense & Security Exhibition 2015 held in Bangkok Thailand on 2-5 November 2015.  


Dahana Held In House Training Of Safety Officer

To prevent accidents and emergencies at the job site, it is  required a briefing about dangers and risks as well as mitigation. This is what initiates the explosives company PT DAHANA (Persero) held In House Training (IHT) of Safety Officer at the Central Management Office (Kampus) PT DAHANA (Persero) Subang.  


Flap Back The Flag Of Triumph In Berau

Not a secret anymore, that the  coal mining business in Indonesia is currently experiencing an unhealthy condition. Many companies went bankrupt because it was unable to struggle amid the current economic conditions.  


Mining Students Of Trisakti University Have Been Studying In Kampus Dahana

One hundred and twenty students of Mining Engineering from Trisakti University held a lecture for a day in Central Management Office (Kampus) PT DAHANA (Persero), Subang. (11/24/2015).  


Guest From Central Part Of Indonesia Interested To Know Dahana's Explosives

Central Management Office (KAMPUS) PT DAHANA (Persero) visited by a group of students who come from the central part of Indonesia, They are the students of Muhammadiyah Mataram University (Ummat). Their visitation to DAHANA Subang is divided by two groups in two weeks namely on 12 and 19 November 2015.  



As a gratitude and appreciation to its employees, PT  DAHANA (Persero) give a gift for the seven excellent employees in the form of a tour with their family.  


Aiming The Power Plant And Highway Projects

General Manager of Quarry and Construction Division of PT DAHANA (Persero), Asep Maskandar revealed, some experience in construction and quarrying projects in many sectors of infrastructure which is successful satisfactorily become the capital  of PT DAHANA (Persero) to compete in domestic infrastructure development.  


2016, Targeting The Construction Sector

Drop in the prices of coal and oil commodity had repercussions for companies that have been relying on income from mining. It is also experienced  by PT DAHANA (Persero) which also has a business line of  coal, oil and gas.  


Dagoan And Thousands Of Bikers Joined In “Gowes” To Pangandaran

Bikers Community of PT DAHANA (Persero) or often called  DAGOAN (Dahana Goes Babarengan),  participated in the biggest bike event in Indonesia on January 16, 2016, namely the Tour de Pangandaran (TDP), an event which was attended by more than 1,500 participants from various bike communities throughout Indonesia.  


Bale Dahana being The Games Arena Between Polda Jabar and Polres Subang

In the second Saturday in January, unusually, the middle lane provincial road of Subang regency  that connects  between Subang, Cikamurang, and Indramayu, right at kilometer 12, seemed so crowded by police on guard and controlled the traffic.  


PT Dahana (Persero) Enliven The Month Of National Occupational Health And Safety In Adaro Indonesia

Security and Safety is a price to die for our daily activities in contact with the work that has a high-risk.  


Regent Of Subang : "Bale Dahana Is A Commitment From Dahana To Subang"

Bale DAHANA is a multi-purpose building in the area of Energetic Materials Center (EMC) of PT DAHANA (Persero) in Subang district.  



To improve the electricity supply in Java and Bali, the government in this case PT PLN (Persero) is now building Hydroelectric Power Plant in Cisokan, Cianjur, West Java. The Hydroelectric Power Plant has an installed capacity of 1,040 MW. This Hydroelectric Power Plant is the first Hydroelectric Power Plant in Indonesia using Pumped Storage System.  



Anne Kusmayanti as The Head of Research and Development Agency of Defence Ministry (Balitbang Kemhan) of the Republic Indonesia visited to the site of PT DAHANA (Persero) on 14 April 2016. Anne and his entourages viewed directly the process of construction of Nitroglycerin factory which is located in the area of Energetic Materials Center (EMC) of PT DAHANA (Persero) Subang.  



Commemorating the international labor day which falls on May 1st, 2016, The Labor Union of PT DAHANA (Persero) or so-called SEJADAH held an action together with other Labor Unions of 33 state-owned enterprises that are members of the Federation of Labor Unions of SOE Synergy (FSPSB).  



To Dfile, Yonathan disclosed the reason for choosing PT DAHANA (Persero) as the company's agenda for comparative study. There were several reasons which he was disclosed. One was for studying the risk management system applied in PT DAHANA (Persero).  



In accordance with his campaign promises, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is directly speeding the development of infrastructure as the highest priority in his agenda during his reign. To facilitate the flow of logistics, the construction of the toll to be one of the most accelerated infrastructure.  



Military explosives of PT DAHANA (Persero) have been showed off again in the international exhibition. This time, one of state-owned enterprises from Subang followed the defense industry exhibition "Defense Services Asia (DSA) 2016" at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Tun Ismail Road, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  



Introducing science in children from an early age is one way to stimulate a child's creativity to the interests and talents. An understanding of science can be studied simultaneously practiced by the children in their home environment from a simple matter.  



That morning, exactly at 08.30 am, Cikole Forest neighborhood, Lembang, Bandung regency already felt crowded with frenzied. About one hundred people wearing helmets and light blue shirt with the yellow line. They were the participants of DAHANA Fun Bike which were preparing for the adventure on the extreme track entering the area of Tangkuban Perahu forest.  



Coinciding with National Revival Day 108th, PT DAHANA (Persero) held a tree planting in the area of Ranggawulung Forest City in Subang district. Friday, May 20th, 2016.  



Ahead of the summit golden anniversary of PT DAHANA (Persero), there is a special thing from Partnerships and Community Development Program (PKBL). Through the PKBL unit, PT DAHANA (Persero) is now sharing the concern for the world of education around Sadawarna Village, Subang District  



After about two years ago visiting PT DAHANA (Persero), a group of students of Mining Engineering from the State University of Padang (UNP) came back to Subang on Tuesday, 31 May 2016. But it was different, if in 2014 The 3-years Diploma students of UNP came to PT DAHANA (Persero), the latest group which was conducting excursion to PT DAHANA (Persero) was a group of mining engineering students of undergraduate program (S1).  



Not all of them have felt holding a firearm (senpi), moreover to use it for the shoot, because the possession of firearms in our country is governed by law, and must take permission in advance to the authorities in order to have license of ownership and use.  



Housed in Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center, the biggest Exhibition in ASEAN in the field of Oil and Gas was officially opened by Darmin Nasution as the Minister of Economic Affairs on Wednesday, June 25th, 2016. Originally, the exhibition entitled "The 40th IPA (Indonesian Petroleum Association)" as has been planned will be opened by President Joko Widodo, but failed because of some reasons.  



Flood disaster that struck the village of the District Cihideung Cisalak Subang invited concern from many circles. After the management of PT DAHANA (Persero) helped with the CSR program in the emergency response phase, now DAHANA's employees turn to share a concern for the disaster victims.  



Reviewed and took direct control of national vital objects in West Java, Director of Intelligence and Security of West Java Police, Commissioner of Police Dr. Umar Effendi, S.Ik. M.Sc. came to PT DAHANA (Persero) Subang on Friday (10/06/2016).  



Establish closeness and familiarity with members of the press, PT DAHANA (Persero) invited members of the media in Subang to attend in Iftar on Wednesday (20/6).  



It's been long time The Education and Training Centre of Mineral and Coal of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has always included the field trip activities as one of the agenda of Blaster Certification, including a visit to the state-owned company which is producing explosives, PT DAHANA (Persero).  



Central Management Office (Kampus) of PT DAHANA (Persero) has been a subscription for the participants of First Level-Blaster Certification (KJL 1).  

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Human Resources Director of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) Tbk, Herdy Harman was re-elected by acclamation to be the Chairman of the Forum Human Capital Indonesia (FHCI) in the members meeting that was held in the Auditorium Building of Central Management Office (Kampus) of PT DAHANA (Persero), Subang on August 3 2016.  

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Forum Human Capital Indonesia (FHCI) of State-Owned Enterprises held Sharing Session in the Auditorium Room of Central Management Office (Kampus) of PT DAHANA (Persero) Subang on Wednesday (3/8) and was attended by some Directors of Human Resources from several State-Owned Enterprises, academics and observers of human resources.  



PT DAHANA (Persero), One of state-owned enterprises in the field of explosives held Employee Gathering under the theme of One Heart One Goal. Yogyakarta as Gudeg city became a choice with a message of state-owned enterprises synergy. This event was held on 5 to 7 August 2016 in cooperation with several other state-owned enterprises.  



In commemoration of 71st Indonesian Independence Day, Woman’s Association of Ministry of State-owned Enterprises held a Blood Donation event on August 1, 2016 on 21st floor of the Ministry of State-owned Enterprises Building, under the theme ‘Your Blood Saves Others”.   



The 71st  Indonesia’s  Independence Day celebration was well welcome by all the elements of community, including the State-owned Enterprises, which currently comes with the tagline  ‘State-owned Enterprises for the Country”.  


Subang Regency Police Chief : “I Want More Intensive Communication”

Subang Regency Police Chief, Yudi Sulistiono Wahid, along with Security Unit Chief Asep Rahman and Cibogo District Police Chief Undang SW, paid a visit to PT DAHANA (Persero).  



PT DAHANA (Persero) has sustainably taken necessary actions in developing its Management System. Currently, the explosives producing company is preparing application of integrated systems.  


Back to Binungan with Better Performance

Binungan is one of Dahana’s site, which is located at the PKP2B of PT Berau Coal. This coal mining is situated in the district of Sambaliung, Regencu of Berau, Province of East Kalimantan. The Binungan Site is PT Berau Coal’s biggest mining with two mining locations, namely Binungan 1 and Binungan 2. Binungan Site is expected to be a pathway to the other sites at PT Berau Coal, namelu Lati Site and Sambarata site.   


IBD EXPO 2016, Minister Rini Praises Dahana’s Advancement

State-Owned Enterprise Minister Rini Soemarno accompanied Vice President Jusuf Kalla to open IBD Expo 2016 at Jakarta Convention Center on September 8, 2016.  


DAHANA’s Continuous Cooperation with Jasindo for State-Owned Enterprise Synergy

DAHANA is a company with manufactures products with high risk of accident. Despite top class anticipation measurement, blasting operation may result in both immense material and immaterial damages.   


UNHAN Offers Masters’ Study Program to DAHANA’s Employees

For better synergy of industrial and academic world, especially in term of strategic industry, Universitas Pertahanan Indonesia (UNHAN, University of  Defense Indonesia) ties collaboration with PT DAHANA (Persero), a state-owned enterprise producing military and commercial explosives.   



In connection with the establishment of good corporate government, PT DAHANA (Persero) tied collaboration with the national Auditory Body for Finance and Development (BPKP).  


DAHANA’s Sends Clothes and Food for Garut Flood Casualties

Early Wednesday (21/9) morning came as shock to some Garut people as flood swept houses and residents due to River Cimanuk’s overflow. The disaster took some lives and cause tremendous material loss. On the same day, Sumedang area also suffered from landslides.   


DAHANA, one of 58 Excellent State-owned Enterprises according to Infobank Magazine

September 2016, Infobank, the banking and finance strategic-analyst magazine, released a news on  ‘Rating of 122 State-Owned Enterprises, which is a rating established based on company’s finance and business growth ratio.   


Infobank State-Owned Enterprises 2016 AWARD BUMN, a Perfect Golden Anniversary Present for DAHANA

7th Infobank State-owned Enterprises Award 2016 was held in Shangri-La Hotel ballroom in Jakarta on Thursday, October 20.  


Malang’s Bombs for Sukhoi Aircrafts

Indonesia’s Economic Affairs Coordinating Miniser, Darmin Nasution, accompanied by Minister for Public Works and People’s Housing visited Sukhoi bomb manufacturer in Malang (05/01/17).  


In Response to Embargo, Indonesia Independently Manufactures Sukhoi Bombs

Industrial technology for military defense in is no more dominated and dependent to overseas suppliers, especially USA and European countries.  


Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Visit Sukhoi Bomb Manufacturer

Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Darmin Nasution, visited Sukhoi aircraft bomb manufacturer in Malang (05/01/17).  


Government Must Protect Strategic Industries

"The government must fully protect strategic industries with supporting policies as to prevent leakages that turn out to be weakening the strategic industries”  


Dahana's Top Work Displayed At Armed Forces Meeting 2017

Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI) kembali menggelar Rapat Pimpinan (Rapim) di Mabes TNI Cilangkap-Jakarta Timur  yang dibuka oleh Panglima TNI Gatot Nurmantyo.  Rapim TNI tahun ini mengangkat tema "TNI Kuat, Hebat, Profesional, dan Cintai Rakyat  Siap Melaksanakan Tugas Pokok".  


Dabex for Speed Up of Lampung Barterbar Highway Project

To speed up of construction of Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar (Baterbar) highway, PT DAHANA (Persero) shifted its blasting from Danfo explosive to Dabex.  


Ministry of Defense Secretary General: “Leave worries behind. Go for Indonesia’s Explosive Dignity”

DAHANA’s Meeting for Work Plan and Company Budget had been held in Subang. After for years, PT DAHANA (Persero) held their 2017 meeting in Tasikmalaya, West Java, which is the city where the company was originally born.   


DAHANA Conquers 9 Rock Hills In Bakauheni Lampung

PT DAHANA (Persero), through its Kuari Construction Division, since March 2016 had managed to make necessary preparation for taming the rock hills in the districts of Bakauheni, South Lampung. A month later, in April 2016, DAHANA completed initial blasting.   


Secretary General of Ministry of Defense, an Honorary Blaster

One of the 2017 PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Meeting for Budgeting Elaboration held on 30 – 31 Januari 2017 in Tasikmalaya was a plant tour to the Shaped Charges plant, the only plant still operating at the Tasikmalaya plant.  


Dahana's Explosives Manufacturing Plant Relocated To Subang

PT DAHANA (Persero)’S MEETING FOR COMPANY’S BUDGETTING ELABORATION on January 2017 became one momentous event to PT DAHANA (Persero). On 31 January 2017, DAHANA officially  relocated its Cartridge Emulsion (CE) plant from Ring I  Area of Tasikmalaya Plant within the  Wiriadinata Airport to the Energetic Material Center (EMC) in the regency of Subang.   


DAHANA’s Nursery for Vegetation Source

PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Energetic Material Center  (EMC) is an area in located in the Regency of Subang which is 600 hectares wide. Previously belonging to the Government’ Plantation Estate VIII, the area is now the home to DAHANA’s offices, factories and warehouses and trees and other vegetation.   


DAHANA-Kimia Farma Synergy for MCU Since 2015

Each year PT DAHANA (Persero) provides Medical Check Up (MCU) service for all the employees. This year, again DAHANA works in synergy with PT Kimia Farma for its annual employee medical check-up.  


DAHANA Is Back to Semen Tonasa

PT DAHANA (Persero) will again fly its flag at PT Semen Tonasa this year. PT Semen Tonasa is one of State-owned Enterprises Producing cement, located in Eastern Indonesia. DAHANA is back to PT Semen Tonasa for contract of blasting project, after 2 years of absence.  


When DAHANA’s Managers Learn from Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

No one is unfamiliar with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Those two are great developers of computer technology.  Bill Gates is very popular with his company Microsoft Windows, while Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple Computer Inc. with world famous products IPod, IPhone and Macinthos.  

Dahana Provides Prayer Facility for Natural Disaster Victims



DAHANA Builds Washbasin for School

SOE explosive manufacturer PT DAHANA (Persero) concerns not only to those who reside near the company but also to the people who live quite far from it.  


Blasters Visit Explosive Factories

It has been a frequent agenda in Blasters Training Course held by The  Center for Development of Human Resources in Geology, Mineral Resource and Coal (PPSDM  Geominerba), Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources that a visit to PT DAHANA (Persero) a State Owned Enterprise of Explosive Factory  is a routine compulsory.  

Kunjungan Mahasiswa UBB

Students of UBB Meets DAHANA

The gate of PT DAHANA (Persero) Campus was just opened, one hour before the working hour started, nevertheless on that day, Friday (21/7), DAHANA Campus' front yard was   overflowed by dozens of people getting off the bus, and later on they entered DAHANA secretariat building.   


Six State Owned Defence Enterprises Intently Merges and Prepares Marketing Tools

To Fulfill the SOE Road Map 2015-2019 established by the Ministry of SOE, six SOE Strategic Industries (BUMNIS) incorporated in National Defence and Hightech Industry (NDHI) cluster are mutually merge and conduct product marketing and promotion. The consolidation action is executed through a merged website that is ready to be launched at Indonesia Business and Development (IBD) Expo 2017 by the next September.   


DAHANA Returns to Cihideung

A year ago, on 22nd May 2016, Kampung Cihideung Desa Sukakerti, Kecamatan Cisalak, Kabupaten Subang was devastated by flood with mud and rocks. The disaster led to massive grief.  


DAHANA Supports LAPOR Program

In his campaign, President Jokowi guaranteed to re-establish the nation's function to protect and to provide safety for all citizen. This promises encourage the government to execute clean, effective, democratic, reliable governance. Therefore a system of complaints management to escort government's accountability was created with the name of Citizen's Aspiration and Complaints Online System (LAPOR!).  

IIGCE edit

Dahana Emerges in Indonesian Largest Geothermal Exhibition

For the first time DAHANA breezed in the annual IIGCE exhibition (Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition).  The exhibition held on 2nd  - 4th August took place in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan.   

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