Corporate Values

DAHANA’s culture underlies behavior and action of DAHANA’s personnel to create a sustainable growth.



As an SOE, DAHANA is capable of remaining a healthy company; has high sustainable competitiveness, technology independency and smart human resources based on spiritual intelligence that is able to keep the nation and country’s honor and dignity, therefore keeping the company existence free from foreign dependency.



A leadership that is able to build trust and respect from those being led, which is shown from one’s honesty, justice, reliability, high integrity, capability of communicating effectively, consistency and persistency and courage to make bold decisions for the concern of the company, nation and country, supported by knowledge and skills conforming to the demands of their duties and responsibilities.


Trustworthy and service

Wholeheartedly able to fulfill reliable commitments to all interested parties (stakeholders) honestly, openly and full of responsibility; providing excellent services to customers while still having high awareness of the environment.



Every DAHANA personnel must have world class competence (hard and soft) embodied in his/her paradigm and behavior and must be able to build strong teamwork in order to win regional and global competition by providing fast and punctual services with competitive quality.



The company supports and provides equal treatment to every DAHANA personnel to be able to develop innovative process and/or services, both process and output, based on creative, dynamic and anticipative paradigm and learning behavior.



DAHANA provides services that are capable of meeting the demands promised to the customers fast and precisely in terms of time, method, quality and quantity.



Global alliance

Global Alliance is required in order to become a world class company ranked top 5 in blasting services industry in Asia, by expanding network based on equal and mutually beneficial partnership.

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